Striving to provide affordable acupuncture for all
Call us at: 772-249-2242

Rated #1 in Stuart by Google! $20-$40/Visit in Downtown Stuart. Always striving to provide affordable acupuncture for all.
$20 - $25 - $30 - $35 or $40.     Based on what you can pay.
(You tell us what you can pay)

Thank you for making TCCA (Treasure Coast Community Acupuncture the #1 acupuncture clinic in Stuart according to Google! Saturday acupuncture is back with April Heller AP. Thank you for helping us reach the 4,500 patient level!

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You can make an appointment online by clicking the link above which will take you to our online appointment calendar.

While the online system is the easiest way to book an appointment, if you would like to call to book your appointment, please call us at 772-249-2242.

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Who We Are

Treasure Coast Community Acupuncture aims to make acupuncture accessible to people at all income levels. We are conveniently located in downtown Stuart. We have ample parking. We are highly rated by Google. We do not try to upsell you to more costly visits. Our goal is to give you natural medical care at prices you can afford in order to get the number of visits you need to meet your health goals.

Treasure Coast Community Acupuncture has Massage Therapists That Specialize in Pain Management!

Now you can also get great massage at prices you can afford. TCCA has 3 massage therapists who charge $1-2/minute for massage sessions. There is a 30 minute minimum for massage. We have therapists who specialize in neck, shoulder low back and sciatica pain. We also have therapists who specialize in relaxing massage.

book an appointment now

Location and Fees

Sliding scale fees are $20 to $40 a visit. You decide how much you can afford, and no income verification is required.

At Treasure Coast Community Acupuncture, we want to separate the issues of money and treatment. We want you to come in as often as you need to, and we understand that everyone’s situation is unique. In order to keep our costs low, we do not accept insurance.

Clinic Address

Treasure Coast Community Acupuncture
555 Colorado Avenue, Suite 111
Stuart, Fl 34990
Phone: 772-249-2242

Conditions We Treat at Treasure Coast Community Acupuncture

Anxiety Fibromyalgia Insomnia Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Stress Hyperthyroidism
Neck Pain Hypothyroidism
Hypertension Trigeminal Neuralgia Low Back Pain Bell’s Palsy
Sciatica Tinnitus Shoulder Pain Migraine Headaches
Neck Pain Psoriasis Hip Pain Atrial Fibrillation
Carpal Tunnel Pain Renal Calculi Peripheral Neuropathy Parkinson’s Disease
Restless Leg Syndrome Gout Dysmenorrhea Obesity
Menopausal Syndrome Irritable Bowel Syndrome Uterine Fibroids BPH/Prostatitis
Infertility Frozen Shoulder Eczema TMJ
Cancer Treatment Support Coccyx Pain Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Heel Pain
Asthma Depression Plantar Fascitis
Community Acupuncture: a safe affordable and natural choice!

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