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Stuart Acupuncture-TCCA, $20-40 and Clean

  People come to acupuncture clinics for rest and relaxation as well as care for illnesses.At TCCA we strive to provide you with a clean and healthy environment to relax in as opposed to the generally unsanitary conditions we must brave in the public. We want people to have the best experience possible when seeking acupuncture in Stuart. Take air travel for example. We have to put up with this on planes which are probably one of the most unhygienic experiences one could go through. People coughing, then touching everything within reach. At TCCA we have clean sheets which cover our […]

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Community Acupuncture in Stuart? Do Not be Fooled by Imitators

In the Stuart community we are in our 6th year of providing low-cost acupuncture and natural medicine treatments for $20-$40 only. No extra fees and no strings attached. Apparently we have made quite an impression in the community because it seems now that almost every practitioner in town has some sort of gimmick to make the public think they also offer this service while in while in reality they are only using it as a come on to get you in their clinic and convince you to spend more money than you should. So  when trying to get acupuncture in […]

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Acupuncture for Smoking Does it Work?

Many people ask us  “acupuncture for smoking does it work?” At TCCA/Soulville Community Acupuncture we use a unique set of treatments to help people to stop smoking. What we have found over the twenty years we have been doing this treatment is that the smoking urge lasts 240 seconds and that withdrawal from nicotine starts within 3days, So to offset withdrawal we schedule the patient every 2 days starting on Monday. That means that the next day they will be treated is on Wednesday before the day 3 withdrawal. The next day for treatment is Friday and then they can […]

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Caffeine-Based Energy Drinks-Are They Safe? Part 2 How Much Caffeine Can Kill you.

So how much caffeine can kill you? This is up for debate. The following is from a very good website for those interested in the dangers of caffeine called Energyfiend ( This site in very blunt about the dangers of caffeine. Here are the documented cases of caffeine over dose: Caffeine Overdose Documented Cases Caffeine overdose does happen and has been documented. Here are some of the more recent cases easily found on Google resulting in death or hospitalization; ■         19 year old James Stone dies after taking 25 to 30 No Doz pills in 2007. (at least 2.5 grams […]

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Caffeine-Based Energy Drinks-Are They Safe? Part 1

Caffeine has been shown in research to improve mental and physical performance. In 1958 Caffeine was placed on the FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration’s) generally recognized as safe (GRAS) list. A recent review of caffeine’s GRAS status concluded that daily moderate doses of up to 400/mg of caffeine was safe. Emergency room visits related to caffeine-based energy drinks has doubled in the past 5 years Methylxanthines in caffeine bind the enzyme systems used to break down female hormones.       The rise of the caffeine-based beverage market has been increasing in velocity since the mid 1980’s. Back then this […]

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The Silent Epidemic: Insulin Resistance and Diabetes-Part4

Prevention: So what should you do if you want to prevent insulin resistance, diabetes or you have one of these conditions and want to minimize the damage to your body that can happen as a result? First you need to pay attention to your diet. Cut out things like soft drinks that have high amounts of fructose corn syrup in them. Start reading the labels on the foods you buy to see their carbohydrate levels. The carbohydrates you consume should be complex carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables. Complex carbohydrates have their sugars attached to fiber which only allows a certain […]

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The Silent Epidemic: Insulin Resistance and Diabetes-Part 3

So what are the symptoms of insulin resistance? Fatigue is the most noticeable symptom. Typically it manifests as an afternoon or early evening fatigue. This can also be interpreted as sleepiness. A type of unfocused brain fog where things are easily forgotten or you feel as if you are in a fog all day. Both the mental and physical fatigues are made worse by hypoglycemia which means low blood sugar. Hypoglycemia is not necessarily a symptom of insulin resistance, but more due to poor diet and lifestyle choices which will eventually lead to insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes. There […]

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The Silent Epidemic: Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Part 2 by Frank Ervolino

Insulin Resistance: When the body’s cells no longer respond properly to insulin, then there is more glucose or sugar in the blood supply than is desirable. Too much glucose or sugar in the blood can damage the kidneys, eyes and nerves as well as causing obesity as the 2 carbon chains found in glucose can be recombined to form the longer chain fat molecules. When the body develops  a problem using insulin this condition is called initially Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, pre-diabetes or Syndrome X. 25% of people with Insulin Resistance go on to develop the more advanced condition called […]

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The Silent Epidemic: Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Part 1

Diabetes is a disease on the rise in North America. There are 21 million people 20 or over and over 2 million children with diabetes in the United States, with 1.5 million new cases being diagnosed each year. Diabetes is an insidious disease, meaning that it makes its presence very gradually and at a rate that is almost imperceptible. Due to lifestyle and dietary preferences that include a lack of exercise and a preference for simple carbohydrates and fat in our diet, it is estimated that up to 25% of the population in this country has developed a resistance to […]

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Diabetes and Gut Flora

There have been a large number of research papers of late dealing with the relationship between disease and the flora of the gut. There was a recent study from the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Biology and Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research which found that that people who have diabetes type 2 also have a unique gut bacteria profile. This may be helpful in early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. It could also offer a therapeutic approach to treatment and it may also be a causal factor in the disease and it bears discussion.     Some […]

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