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The Silent Epidemic: Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Part 2 by Frank Ervolino

Insulin Resistance: When the body’s cells no longer respond properly to insulin, then there is more glucose or sugar in the blood supply than is desirable. Too much glucose or sugar in the blood can damage the kidneys, eyes and nerves as well as causing obesity as the 2 carbon chains found in glucose can be recombined to form the longer chain fat molecules. When the body develops  a problem using insulin this condition is called initially Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, pre-diabetes or Syndrome X. 25% of people with Insulin Resistance go on to develop the more advanced condition called […]

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The Silent Epidemic: Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Part 1

Diabetes is a disease on the rise in North America. There are 21 million people 20 or over and over 2 million children with diabetes in the United States, with 1.5 million new cases being diagnosed each year. Diabetes is an insidious disease, meaning that it makes its presence very gradually and at a rate that is almost imperceptible. Due to lifestyle and dietary preferences that include a lack of exercise and a preference for simple carbohydrates and fat in our diet, it is estimated that up to 25% of the population in this country has developed a resistance to […]

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Diabetes and Gut Flora

There have been a large number of research papers of late dealing with the relationship between disease and the flora of the gut. There was a recent study from the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Biology and Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research which found that that people who have diabetes type 2 also have a unique gut bacteria profile. This may be helpful in early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. It could also offer a therapeutic approach to treatment and it may also be a causal factor in the disease and it bears discussion.     Some […]

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Cholesterol, Blessing or Curse?

There is a quite a bit of attention paid to cholesterol with regards to health these days and for good reason. Poor cholesterol metabolism can be a good indicator of heart or coronary artery disease. It can also be a predictor of aging as I will explain later. Basically, there are two main components of the total cholesterol, the high density lipoprotein or HDL and the lowest density lipoprotein or LDL. There is also the triglyceride portion but if it is too high by itself that is a specific disease condition to be addressed individually. The total cholesterol number is […]

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Congestive Heart Failure and Acupuncture (CHF)

Chinese medicine is a distinct system of pathology, diagnosis and treatment. As many know Chinese medicine has been practiced in some form for over 2000 years. What many do not realize is that within this 2000 years is a rich history of clinical observation on how to treat chronic disease states. Modern conventional medicine has over the last 150 years perfected the life-saving treatment of acute medical conditions, but the treatment of chronic conditions is considered a complex and ongoing body of work. In CHF or congestive heart failure the causes that lead to it are varied from ischemic heart […]

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Low Back Pain and Infra-red Therapy

What Causes Chronic Low-back Pain and Why Doesn’t it Heal?     Pain in the lower back which is the L1-L5 vertebrae of the lumbar system and the fused S1-S5 of the sacral system is caused by many factors. Improper bio-mechanics which means an imbalance in the muscles of the body, DJD or degenerative joint disease and trauma causing herniation of vertebral discs are three of the major reasons for Low-back pain. Lack of exercise, worn out shoes or car seats and being overweight are some of the other factors which can also influence low-back pain.   Low back pain […]

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Low back pain

A Case of Four Different Painful Backs What is back pain and how does it occur? Back pain is a noticeable level of pain that can impede one’s usual daily routine or make rest uncomfortable. Back pain originates from the nerves of the spinal column (most common), the muscles, the joints in the rib cage or the bones themselves. Back pain is also called dorsalgia which means pain of the dorsal surface of the body which is the back. Back pain can be further delineated into lower, middle or upper back pain. Lower back pain is the most common. I […]

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Auto-Immunity and Chinese Herbal Medicine

By Dr. Frank Ervolino The ancient Chinese medical practitioners were very proficient at tracking case outcomes over time and this led to long clinical histories in treating various symptom pictures that are now identified in the west as named disorders. One of these would be called autoimmune disorders in Western pathology. It is interesting to note that the Chinese practitioners traditionally used herbs in 4 distinct therapeutic categories to treat the symptoms of autoimmune conditions. This includes the tonics which are strengthening herbs that can be taken without consequence infinitely. The toxin clearing herbs which lessen inflammatory mediators in the […]

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is mainly due to 2 physiological processes. The first is low levels of nitric oxide in the blood and the second is mainly due to glucose mediated nerve damage. The former is due to aging while the latter is due to diabetes mainly. While nothing can be done for nerve damage there’s a considerable amount that can be done to correct low levels of nitric oxide in the blood. Some of the common prescriptions for erectile dysfunction are designed to increase bloodflow which will push the blood against the blood vessel walls of the body and actually helped […]

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Eczema in Children

At treasure Coast Community Acupuncture we often see very young children with classic eczema on the knees, elbows, chest and face. It amazes us how many doctors the parents have been to and how little progress they have made. Infant eczema has to do with programming the immune system of the child. It also has to do with gut flora but do not be fooled, one cannot change the gut flora easily with over the counter supplementation. Probiotics just do not work like that because one must also simultaneously change the environment the gut flora lives in and that is […]

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