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Ever Wonder What Makes A Good Anti-inflammatory Supplement?

The Unknown Yet Biggest Obstacle to Your Fitness

There are many reasons why people desire to be physically fit and they are all good reasons from living a healthier life to just plain vanity. People make the commitment to lose weight, become stronger or run faster every day. Their intentions are good and their enthusiasm is high, but often they run into unforeseen obstacles which stop their fitness program dead in it’s tracks. This could be lack of time due to work or family obligations, illness or the biggest reason which is that the body cannot meet the physical demands necessary to meet the fitness goal. This is where sore knees , low back pain or even sciatica to name a few conditions comes into the picture after  the first week of exercise. Show does one prevent this so they can continue their chosen fitness program and reach their goals unhindered? The two most important things you could do is to stretch your muscles before you workout and support your joints and muscles by adding an anti-inflammatory/joint support supplement to your program. The more natural the better because there are less side effects with plant based supplementation for the anti inflammatory part, but the opposite in true when it comes to joint support. It turns out that animal based products namely  collagen and cartilage are, the superior sources for joint support because they are very similar to the compounds found in our own joints. They act as direct nutrition providing directly assimilable proteoglycans to the articular, elastic and fiber-cartilage found in your joints. Other popular supplements such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin claim to be as effective but are marine sourced  and not as directly assimilable so there effectiveness is less than cartilage which is closest to our own joint tissue.

Anti-inflammatory herbs work to reduce the amount of inflammation in the joint tissues. The joints need some inflammation to repair themselves, but there is a point where the amount of inflammation can rise to such a degree that you are losing more joint tissue than you are making which is not good. It is best to rely on natural sources of anti-inflammatories which were put on the planet for just this purpose, to help us repair ourselves. One excellent source of these anti-inflammatory herbs comes from Australia where herbs with traditional aboriginal uses for body repair were grown under adverse conditions to encourage greater amounts of active constituents in a manner similar to wine grape growing. It is known that the best grapes for wine are the ones grown in rocky adverse soil and the same theory when applied to these aboriginal plants resulted in the same outcome. The one supplement that combines cartilage, the Australian herb blend and some Western European anti-inflammatory herbs all in one tablet is American Biosciences FLEXSolve 24/7. It is an effective support supplement for someone who is either an accomplished athlete or someone just starting their path to fitness. It is effective in supporting the hips and knees as well as other joints in the body.

Other parts of a successful fitness program include a well thought out stretching programs which can be found in video form online. One particularly effective program is the Egoscue Method which can be found online. Other important components of a fitness program is to get a full 8 hours sleep and drink plenty of water.

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